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BioPlus Honored at the 2022 Aster Awards

CarepathRx is proud to announce that BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, a CarepathRx company, was honored at the 2022 Aster Awards. BioPlus earned a gold level award, which represents being in the top 5% for advertising excellence.

BioPlus patients and providers have long enjoyed enhanced specialty pharmacy outcomes through meaningful and engaging storytelling. The capecitabine 24-hour, “Hope Delivered” direct mail campaign chartered a path for hope in making therapy promises a reality.

For the second year in a row, the BioPlus stories inspired the committee to bestow gold-level accolades for excellence in healthcare in the Medical/Physician Practice Group. The Aster Awards is one of the largest and most respected competitions of its kind. The program has recognized outstanding healthcare professionals for excellence in their advertising and marketing efforts for over 20 years.

The 2022 Aster Awards received entries from across the entire U.S., as well as abroad. All entries were reviewed by a diverse panel of industry experts, who judged groups of similarly sized organizations to determine winning entries in this national healthcare marketing competition.  

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About CarepathRx
CarepathRx is transforming pharmacy care delivery for health systems and hospitals, delivering improved patient outcomes that drive clinical, quality, and financial results. Through the industry’s most comprehensive, end-to-end hospital pharmacy care delivery model, CarepathRx is turning hospital pharmacy into an active care management strategy and revenue generator while providing support across the patient’s complete healthcare journey. The company takes an enterprise approach, providing a powerful combination of technology, market-leading clinical pharmacy services, and wrap-around services that optimize pharmacy performance across the enterprise for fully integrated pharmacy operations, expanded healthcare services, improved ambulatory access, minimized clinical variation and new health system revenue streams. Today, CarepathRx serves dozens of health systems and over 600 hospitals, with more than 2,000 employees nationwide. For more information about CarepathRx, visit

About BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy
Meet the first and only independent, national specialty pharmacy to back up ‘fast and easy’ with the Power of 2: BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy. Physician offices know in less than two hours whether a referred patient is accepted for treatment with the company’s 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee™. Prescriptions then move fast through the 2 Day Ready 2 Ship™ process. For qualifying prescriptions, medication refills are an easy 2 clicks away.


BioPlus and D2 Solutions Launch UltraTouch Network to Improve the Patient Experience

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fl., May 4, 2022 – BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, a CarepathRx company and the first and only specialty pharmacy to offer patients and providers the ‘fast and easy’ Power of 2 promise, is proud to announce that they are a member of the D2 UltraTouch™ network. D2 Solutions is a leading health care consultancy and technology provider.

The goal of the UltraTouch network is to drive faster, easier and better consumer experiences for patients who depend on specialty medications. This innovative network of high-performing, technology-driven pharmacies is built to expand affordable and sustainable patient access to specialty medications through pharma and biopharma manufacturer-sponsored enrollment, support and assistance programs. UltraTouch makes it possible for patients to get personalized, emotionally connected experiences similar to what they expect from their favorite consumer-centric brands.

“We live in an environment where patients, as consumers, expect the same immediate response environment as they experience in other consumer interactions,” explains David Suchanek, D2’s Executive Vice President of BioTech, Specialty, and Technology. “The development of the D2 UltraTouch™ network is in direct response to manufacturer and specialty pharmacy input and feedback on the challenges of patient enrollment for manufacturer patient service and assistance programs for targeted specialty medications.”

“Supporting our longstanding ‘fast and easy’ promise to patients, we believe our partnership in the D2 UltraTouch™ network will place simpler, sustainable and personalized specialty medication experiences into the hands of millions of patients,” says Mark Montgomery, CEO and President of BioPlus. “The more we transform the traditional patient journey into a connected consumer experience, the more lives we enrich. UltraTouch is key to that transformation.”

“The combination of QR code enrollment and digital patient engagement technology enables UltraTouch™ network pharmacies to support patients with unique convenience and personalization that perfectly meets the demands of the specialty medication management process,” says Kirby Eng, D2 Vice President of Digital Solutions Business Development.

About BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy
Meet the nation’s preeminent specialty pharmacy backing up the ‘fast & easy’ promise with the Power of 2. Part of the CarepathRx family of pharmacy and medication management solutions, BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy offers a 2 Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee™ so physician offices quickly know whether a referred patient is accepted for treatment. Then, prescriptions are on their way with our 2 Day Ready 2 Ship™. Medication refills are an easy 2 clicks away for qualifying prescriptions.

About D2
D2 Solutions empowers health care leaders with a unique combination of SaaS solutions and deep consulting expertise. We bring pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, pharmacies & support providers, and patients together, empowering manufacturers to bring therapies to market faster and pharmacies to bring those therapies to the patients who need them. We lead manufacturers through the commercialization process, adding value to Trade & Distribution, Market Access & Reimbursement, and Patient Services. We also stand with pharmacies

PRWeb ebooks – Another online visibility tool from PRWeb and hospital IDNs, providing the guidance they need to achieve compliance and licensure, solve regulatory challenges, and better connect with patients. Our proprietary technologies move clients even closer to their goals, finding that one point where everything moves forward. For more information on D2, please visit

student rotation

CarepathRx Introduces Technology & Healthcare Student Rotation

MERCER ISLAND, Wash., May 2nd, 2022 – CarepathRx is proud to launch an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) Nontraditional – Technology and Healthcare Informatics rotation in collaboration with the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. This innovative program is designed to provide a five-week rotation for pharmacy students (PharmD) in their fourth year of enrollment.

DromosPTM, a CarepathRx Technology Solutions’ company, is a cloud-based software application focused on Patient Therapy Management, analytics, and workflow processes tailored to specialty pharmacies.

“I am honored and excited to launch this learning experience with the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy,” said Jonathan Van Lare, PharmD, Director of Specialty Pharmacy at CarepathRx Technology Solutions and newly appointed Adjunct Clinical Instructor with the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. “The latest advances in pharmacy technology play a pivotal role in patient care, and I am confident that our students will benefit greatly from this non-traditional rotation.”

Topics addressed in the new Technology and Healthcare Informatics rotation will include:

  • Educating patients & healthcare professionals on the safe use of specialty medication
  • Disease state overviews
  • Side effects and side effect management
  • Accreditation requirements (URAC and ACHC)
  • Therapy goals
  • Medication administration
  • Adherence tips
  • Required labs
  • Quality of life
  • Validated measurement tools
  • Medication and disease state-specific interventions

About CarepathRx Technology Solutions and DromosPTM
CarepathRx Technology Solutions delivers the industry’s most advanced telepharmacy and technology platforms to support patients across the healthcare continuum. Our technology interfaces directly with hospital EHR and dispensing systems to manage complexities associated with specialty pharmacy and transitions of care.

DromosPTM is a cloud-based software application focused on Patient Therapy Management, analytics, and workflow processes for specialty pharmacies. DromosPTM fills a gap in this rapidly growing industry by addressing the complexities of pharmacy accreditation, while providing a highly flexible and configurable platform that adapts to the way your specialty pharmacy operates. For more information about DromosPTM, visit

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O: (888) 376-6670 x703
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