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BioPlus Introduces the BioPlus V: Virtual Pharmacy Tool

BioPlus V

BioPlus is proud to introduce BioPlus V, the only virtual pharmacy tool that provides comprehensive visibility for prescribers into every step of their patients’ specialty medication journey.

Built on BioPlus’ Power of 2 technology, BioPlus V enables prescribers and their office staff to break the chains of time-consuming phones, faxes, and paperwork. Prescribers can access a fast and easy digital platform to view and instantly respond to their patients’ specialty pharmacy medication orders – in real-time. From a broad overview of an entire practice or physician’s patients to a targeted, precise look of a single patient, prescribers gain instant access to expansive medication journey details. These details include information about patient onboarding, benefits investigation, prior authorizations, appeals, triage, delivery scheduling, shipping, and refills, all of which are securely and conveniently accessed beyond the constraints of phones and fax machines.

Built for Prescribers, With Prescribers

Unlike passive portal technologies designed by outsiders, BioPlus V engaged with prescribers to better understand their wants and needs through a co-creation development process. The result is a completely interactive pharmacy tool that gives prescribers exactly what they want in order to access real-time data, respond to patient therapy needs, and make actionable, patient-centered decisions to drive improved clinical outcomes.

BioPlus V’s additional real-time benefits include:

  • Ability to go from a dashboard overview to a detailed list, in just one click.
  • “Action Required” flagging to bring attention to refills that need an intervention by prescribers or office staff.
  • Easy-to-find statuses for every step of the prior authorization and appeal processes.
  • Continuous visibility for prescribers, including:
      • Patients requiring triage to another pharmacy
      • Status of triage process
      • Name of pharmacy providing continuation of care to the patient
  • Ability to drill down and view patient details pages, including patient’s orders, current authorizations, and copays, as well as shipment tracking numbers.
  • Versatility to upload documentation directly to the BioPlus onboarding team.

Fulfilling a Vision to Better Serve Patients

“BioPlus V fulfills the lifelong vision of Stephen Vogt, Pharm.D, BioPlus’ company founder ‘to serve patients and make the world a better place for them.’ That is why this virtual pharmacy tool is branded in his honor,” said Mark Montgomery, CEO and President of BioPlus. “Prescribers and medical office staff get total visibility into patients’ specialty medications, where they are, and everything they need to know to optimize the patient experience. Just the way Dr. Vogt intended.”

“Providers can leverage the V platform to reduce their administrative burden, spend more quality time with patients, and operate more efficiently. Using our ‘work-to-zero’ feature, office staff can quickly prioritize actions, discontinue reliance on outdated fax machine technology, and get back to helping patients,” said Howard Barsky, BioPlus’ Vice President of Application and Data Strategy.

About BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy
Meet the first and only independent, national specialty pharmacy to back up “fast and easy” with the Power of 2: BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy. Physician offices know in less than two hours whether a referred patient is accepted for treatment with the company’s 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee™. Prescriptions then move fast through the 2 Day Ready 2 Ship™ process. For qualifying prescriptions, medication refills are an easy 2 clicks away. Learn more at


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